Garage Door Openers

Your standard garage door opener operates at 315HMz, which sends a signal to the opener’s built-in radio receiver. But what are some of the most common problems we’ve experienced?

Dead Batteries – One of the first things we will check is if the remote’s batteries have died. We will check the transmitter inside of your wall to make sure the garage door opens once pressed. If the door opens correctly, there’s a very good chance the batteries have died. Once removing and replacing the batteries, the door should operate correctly.

Obstructed Door – If you have boxes, brooms or other items in your garage, you’ve probably experienced having something obstructing the door which causes it to raise or lower and then stop. There’s also the possibility debris has built up inside that should be moved. If you’ve moved items and are still experiencing problems, running a damp rag along the tracks to remove any dust, leaves, or dirt that has built up over time.

Broken Springs – One of our most common repair services includes replacing the springs. Often times, when a spring breaks you will hear a large pop, similar to a firecracker. The springs help lift and lower your garage door and after a certain amount of usage, they give way and will need replacing.

Door is Off Track – A track should be straight and there should not be gaps between the metal rail and the rollers. The weight of a garage door can cause a rail to bend, which should be replaced. We make sure the track is level and there are not gaps. We use the right equipment to realign your garage door to ensure it opens and closes with ease.

Transmitter Issue – Making sure your garage door is on the right frequency is important to making sure the operation of the garage door runs smoothly. If you live in a town-home, or close proximity to neighbors, you may be opening their garage door in addition to yours. Depending on the make and model of your door, we will reset the frequency to allow for a consistent and dependable garage door.

Give us a call today if you’re having issues with your garage door opening and closing correctly. We value all of our customers and offer the best customer service on the Emerald Coast.

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