2018 Garage Door Trends

Have you updated the exterior of your home by adding shutters, new windows, plant beds or a coat of fresh paint? Old garage doors can still leave your home looking outdated.

Refresh Your Garage Door

garage door modern home

Add Color!: When choosing a new garage door, opt for bold color such as blue, brown or gray will add to your home’s curb appeal. Black is also a great color choice that can make your home look modern; additionally, it will hide dirt and grime easily.

Let the light in!: Adding windows to your garage door has been a trend that has never gone away. Whether you’re looking for just small square windows in the top panels, adding windows down one side or an all window garage door, the options are limitless.
The Farmhouse Look: Garage doors that look like real wood have become a large trend over the years. Add additional farmhouse details using hardware.

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