Winter May Have Damaged Your Garage Door

Winter in the panhandle has been rough, and we may have a little more before spring actually arrives. The below-freezing temperatures, rain and wind can affect how your garage door operates. This can lead to further damage.

Is the garage door squeaking, squealing or shaking when you open it? Does it hang up or go halfway before stopping in the middle? Does your garage door hang at an awkward angle?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you need a specialist from Bluewater Garage Door Services to check out the opener and the door.

Our specialists can perform any necessary maintenance, including replacing broken parts, adjusting door openers, and lubricating the door, as well as the opener. Your garage door and opener will operate like brand new.

Give us a call to set up an appointment for an inspection. We’ll schedule an appointment at your convenience.

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Get Your Garage Door Winter Ready

The holiday season has finally arrived in the panhandle and there are loads of reasons to be cheery. The majority of us get to spend time with our families, relax, and eat great food. For the locals, the holiday season also means we get a break from the heat and humidity we are all accustomed to for a majority of the year. We are able to break out our winter clothes, if only for a month or two, then it’s right back to the heat. The winter months here are mild, but they should not be ignored. This is especially true when relating to your house and its components, and more specifically, your garage door system.

Again, the winters in Florida are pretty mild. However, we believe there are still precautions homeowners can take during the colder months to assure their garage door system stays up-and-running continuously. The biggest, and most common, safeguards a homeowner can implement before winter are inspecting your doors and tracks, and lubricating all of the system’s moving parts. Doing these can help assure that your garage door system can open and close when needed. An additional tip we suggest is adding insulation where it is needed. This can not only help protect your vehicles and belongings from the frigid cold, but also assist in cutting down on heating costs.

The winter months should not be ignored no matter how mild. Contact us today or visit our website for additional tips or to set up an inspection with one of our professionals. We hope you have a happy holiday season and an even better new year!

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