Common Garage Door Opener Issues

When your garage door is making strange noises or has just stopped functioning normally, take note of the age and type of opener you have. Many repairs are the result of old age, if your garage opener is over 20 years old, or if its chain operated. Even if your garage door opener has managed to continue opening and closing your garage door, note these common repair signs:

Strange New Noises: Often, the best indicator of something wrong with your garage door opener is odd noises like rattling, straining or grinding. These sounds can typically indicate loose hardware or chains, poor lubrication, a defective motor or insufficient horsepower.

Door Has Difficulty Raising and Lowering: This is often due to bends along the rails of the door. You can typically tell this is the issue when the garage door makes a grinding noise while operational.

Remote Won’t Operate the Machine: If the batteries in your remote are fresh and you’re not attempting to control the garage door from far away, then the problem may be with your remote control or the antenna in the machine.

Garage Door Doesn’t Move: Sometimes, when the garage door doesn’t move, either the power in your home has gone out, the fuse was tripped or the outlet isn’t receiving power. If all electrical components are in working condition, then the problem is just a broken or faulty opener.

Random Door Movement: If there’s no apparent issue with the remote or garage door hardware, the likely culprit of unpredictable movement is faulty wiring in your garage door opener.

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