Common Winter Garage Door Problems

For over 21 years Bluewater Garage Door Services has provided the Emerald Coast with quality garage door repair and installation services. Our technicians can handle a broad range of issues including rusty or damaged rollers, damaged panels, garage door opener issues, etc. We understand the importance of security and convenience that your garage offers to you, with Bluewater Garage Door you’re treated like family.

Three Common Issues

Opener: Sometimes the simple fix is replacing the batter, but other times there can be a communication issue between the garage door motor and the opener itself.
Garage Door Won’t Open in The Winter: It is possible the cooler Florida weather impacts the functionality of the garage door rollers, causing them to get stiffen. Adding WD-40 to rollers will allow them to open with ease. Dented tracks will need to be professionally replaced.
The Door Won’t Close or Reverses: First, remove any items or debris obstructing the sensor. If the problem continues, there may be an issue with the sensitivity on the motor.

If you’re experiencing garage door issues this winter, look no further than Bluewater Garage Door Services. We are knowledgeable in all garage door and motor models. Give us a call today at (850) 503-5032 to schedule your service call.

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