Garage Doors Have Issues, Too

Some people come and go through their garage door, so the door may raise and lower several times a day. After numerous movements, the garage door opener may start to have some issues.
While the opener seems simple enough, it has moving parts (pulleys, cables, springs, rollers and a motor) that can go bad due to age, wear and tear.

Does it shake, make rattling noises or squeal when operating? It may get off track, or it may reverse direction in the middle of operation. It may also become slower with time. While these problems are maddening, they are repairable.

Please don’t try to repair a garage door opener yourself because you could be seriously injured. Do an inspection to look for signs of damage. Then call Bluewater Garage Door Services and report anything you see or describe what you’re hearing. A trained repair person can check your opener and make the repairs to your satisfaction.

Our skilled repair people will have your garage door opening and closing like new.

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