Take Care of Your Garage Door and Opener

If you raise and lower your garage door numerous times a day, you may notice that the opener isn’t performing as it did when it was new. After opening the garage door day in and day out, the opener may slow down, the door may make loud noises or just quit working.

When that happens, you need professional help from Bluewater Garage Door Services.

While the opener seems like a simple piece of equipment, it has many parts and pieces that can wear out due to age.

Because there are pulleys, cables, springs, rollers and a motor, not to mention a very heavy garage door, please don’t try to repair the opener or the door yourself or you could become injured. Check out what is happening and take note of the problems, then call Bluewater Garage Door Services to report the problems. A trained repair person can stop by, check the opener and door and make the necessary repairs to your satisfaction.

In no time, your garage door and opener will be operating like brand new.

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