Tune Up That Squeaky Garage Door

If your garage door makes screeching noises that send chills down your spine when it opens, you may need a tune-up or minor repairs.

Things can go wrong with a door that goes up and down several times a day. Shaking, squealing or hanging at an odd angle means something is wrong with one or more of the parts that make it go up and down.

If any of these things are happening with your garage door, don’t try to repair it yourself because you could be seriously injured. Instead, call Bluewater Garage Door Services today and get it checked.

All the problems are most likely repairable but leave that decision to a trained repair person. While the opener may seem like a simple device, there are many moving parts that are best left to someone who knows the equipment.

Give us a call today, and your garage door opener will soon be opening and closing like new.

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